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Quick Start

This is a quick overview to get you acquainted with your Bed Assist and provide some useful tips and tricks before you start installation. Make sure you read the actual instruction manual (download here or find the printed copy included) and heed ALL WARNINGS as soon as you open the box. This Quick Start does not replace the Instruction Manual.

1. What’s in the the box
Bed Assist frame with or without wood depending on the model, a base, six knobs, two smaller knobs, a strap with a buckle and the instruction guide.
2. Get the instructions. Make sure you read all the warnings!
3. Get some help, place the mattress aside and place the Assist on the box spring
Place the Bed Assist on the Box Spring in order to secure the strap. The Bed Assist can not be used unless the strap’s buckle has been fastened.
4. What to do with your bed skirt—-tips & tricks.
If you use a bed skirt there is a quick way to hide the strap on the side opposite the Bed Assist. Cut a small 2’ hole on the bed skirt to be able to slide the strap through. Although the bedskirt sits beneath the mattresses and nothing pulls at it, you might want to hem the fabric with a stitch or two.
5. One final adjustment.
Adjust the front base against the floor to give it extra stability.
6. Looks great!