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Quick Start

This is a quick overview to get you acquainted with your Couch Assist and provide some useful tips and tricks before you start installation. Make sure you read the actual instruction manual (download here or find the printed copy included) and heed ALL WARNINGS as soon as you open the box. This Quick Start does not replace the Instruction Manual.

1. What’s in the the box
Three steel parts which make up the frame, with or without wood depending on the model, two bases, 8 big thumb screws, 8 small thumb screw & nut and 4 big thumb nuts.
2. Get the instructions. Make sure you read all the warnings!
3. Adjust the height.
Once you figure out the desired height, adjust the knobs.
4. Adjust the depth
Both the rear and front legs of your couch or lounge chair must be firmly placed on the Couch Assist’s base. Beware that couches or chairs with a distance between front and back leg shorter than 26’ or longer than 31’ can not be used with this Couch Assist.
5. Place the front and rear legs on the base.
Make sure the bases have been installed looking inwards so they are hidden from view.
6. Also, don’t forget to adjust the base so that it sits firmly on the floor.
7. Now that everyone is color coordinated, enjoy!