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Motion Detection Lights

Quick Start

This is a quick overview to get you acquainted with your Motion Detection Lights and provide some useful tips and tricks before you start installation. Make sure you read the actual instruction manual (download here or find the printed copy included) and heed ALL WARNINGS as soon as you open the box. This Quick Start does not replace the Instruction Manual.

1. What’s in the the box
Six wireless, motion detection, lights with corresponding wall plates.
2. What’s in the box below the the lights.
A dual charging cable, 3M double sided tape, screws, and wall anchors for your preferred installation mode for each of the six lights.
3. How to install it. Make sure you read all the warnings!
4. You can use double sided tape or screws, your choice.
The mounting plates can be fixed to the wall by using the included 3M tape or the included screws and wall anchors.
5. No need for disposable batteries. A small contribution to the environment.
The lights are rechargeable and don’t require regular batteries. Use the micro USB slot to charge them.
6. The lights come partially charged.
But require approximately four hours to be fully charged. Never leave the charging of the batteries unattended.
7. The motion sensor only kicks in when it’s dark.
Place the lights in Auto before placing them on the mounting plate. They will turn on for approximately 15 seconds whenever it’s dark and they detect motion. They will go turn off when motion is no longer detected.